How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

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  @RakeshKochhar self – employed workers. Using data the U.S….. PDF
  The New Unemployment from @jwmares How Uber and its peers turned us into horrible bosses View at Work in Transition MIT technologyreview by @nanettebyrnes View at by @timoreilly  

Who Will Own the Robots?

We’re in the midst of a jobs crisis, and rapid advances in AI and other technologies may be one culprit. How can we get better at sharing the wealth that technology creates

Editor of MIT’s Technology Review

Part III (2015) Part II (2014) Part I (2013) + A World Without Work The Atlantic by @DKThomp Automation Won’t Replace People as Your Competitive Advantage HBR Do the Robot by @robhorning The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market PDF