Timo Schuster

Interview Valeria Sigal, Artist, Buenos Aires




Where are you living?

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)

I am 38 years old
What inspires you?

I am inspired by things like the finitude of life, empathy, free expression, silence, love, fragility.

In my photographic work I mainly dedicate myself to portraiture. I am interested in being able to work with different individuals. I do not have any type of aesthetic or gender requirements, I try to portray variety and diversity of people, and I consider this to be my contribution, my grain of sand in favor of generating a break with the hegemonic parameters of beauty, health and gender.

Tell me about what you do?

I studied philosophy and 8 years ago I started to get closer to photography. In 2017 I got my degree in Photography. Currently my commercial work is fundamentally linked to family photography services, weddings, baptisms, books and plays. Without neglecting my personal projects.

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

A typical day in my life begins in the morning, helping my daughter get ready for school.

Afterwards I work, usually in my studio, either taking photos or editing material, luckily I have my own studio in my house, that’s why I can alternate work activities with home activities during the day.

In the afternoon I leave work aside and go pick up  my daughter at school and I dedicate myself to her, I accompany her in her activities, her friends come home, I take her to birthday parties, etc.

What are some of your favourite sources for information?

As for the sources of information, I have moments when I am more aware and moments when I am very disconnected. At the moment, for example, I read different newspapers online and try not to watch television.
How does social media influence your life?

As for social media, I am not completely attracted to intimate use of exhibition, nor am I attracted to spying on people’s privacy. Only when I started working with photography I opened a Facebook account and about 3 years ago an Istragram one. Today they are necessary to publicize and exhibit both commercial and personal work. In both accounts, I generally do not publish anything from my private life, but they are linked exclusively to my photographic works, although I do not deny that showing your own work is sometimes exposing yourself naked.