Where are you living?


How old you are? 47

What inspires you? A lot… how we live, how things look from other perspectives, nature, technology (new machines, robots, coding, ai…), other artists, at the moment conceptual artists and sculpturer (e.g. Gordon Matta-Clark, Rachel Whiteread, Asta Gröting, Helen Marten, Richard Artschwager, Hito Steyerl, Trevor Paglen, to name a few), food, coffee, tea, friends, dish washing, themes like identity, intimacy, surveillance, architecture, structures, systems in sociological, philosophical or psychological ways

Tell me about what you do?

I make art, especially in the medium of photography. My works are often topographical in nature, whether photographing systems of pipes, façades, or structures. I see myself more as an artist than a typical photographer. I often look for traces and use the camera like a scanner.

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

Waking up, office work (e-mails, phone calls, internet research), breakfast, studio work (scouting rooms, taking photos or Photoshop), dinner with friends

What are some of your favourite source for information?

Internet, books, friends and colleagues

How social media influence your life?

Social media influence me very strongly. When I show surveillance of privacy, social media is part of my life. Sometimes I see myself more as a philosopher than an artist.