Timo Schuster

Interview Charlotte Greve, saxophonist, composer and more recently started singing and playing keys, New York



Where are you living?

Brooklyn, NY

Charlotte Greve, New York City, Tribeca, Fotocredit: Annika Nagel, Photography

How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)


What inspires you?

Fellow musicians & their work, museums, David Lynch
Tell me about what you do?
I’m a saxophonist, composer and more recently started singing and playing keys in a couple of my bands. I have been working as a freelance musician in New York for the past 8 years and lead several projects and bands that I write music for and go on tour with. I also teach saxophone clarinet, flute and piano and before I moved to New York I went to jazz school in Berlin. 
The music I play and write is rooted in Jazz and improvisation but draws from several different genres. 
What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
These days its constantly changing and for me there are always phases of doing something –  my job consists of several jobs at once and so, depending on what is coming up next , thats what I do and what I focus the energy of my day on: composing, practicing, organizing concerts/ tours aka writing and answering emails, working on a record (mix, master, artwork, creating music videos), teaching students and prepping lessons. 
What are some of your favourite sources for information?
More recently: books! And although I don’t necessarily like it, I do spend time on social media and get a lot of information from there. Otherwise: watching German news and reading the paper
Especially when there is a new release or a concert to promote, social media is a tool to let people know about that – sometimes more effectively than other times. It definitely helps in this profession to connect to people, to have quick access to their work and to get in touch with them. The same is true for people that want to get in touch with me, which is helpful. 
Social media can be equally inspiring and stressful & distracting for me, so finding the right balance is key!