Interview ANNA BRESOLI, Photography, Berlin

Where are you living?
How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)
What inspires you?
Tell me about what you do?

Anna Bresoli (Spain, 1979), is a Berlin based photographer with more than 20 years
experience in editorial and advertisement photography. Her works have been exhibited
in fairs like Fotofever (Paris), Afoco (Cordoba), Positions (Berlin), JustMad (Madrid) and
her images have been published in printed media in Spain and in online media.
The challenge of creating a sincere dialog for oneself is the basis of my principle of
creation. This process is not easy, since there are many self-inflicted filters to erase
before a pure channel can resemble in order to transmit crucial information to the
collective intelligence we feed from. All creations are already there, we are the creators,
we come from the creation. The mission of each of us in this world to create our own
universe and our own shelter.
My motivation is to contribute, inspire and open up to all that surrounds me. Teaching
on the way and going deeper, merging the essence and the purity of life. Artist’s and
their creations are the remaining channels to remind us where we come from and what
we are capable of doing.
I am moved by nature, poetry, psychology, philosophy and music and by, using theses
tools, I am inspired by the darkness or as Jung calls it ‘the shadow’ we each behold but
cannot always can easily face. I feel we have this disconnection because we only choose
to see half, missing the totality of our souls. “People are going to do anything, no matter
how absurd it is, to avoid facing their own souls. C.G.Jung¨
“We have been educated to ignore it or to repress it and even to be ashamed of it. For
this reason, it seems something terrifying to know oneself, to accept oneself, since a
light is lit in the darkness of simple being.” – C.G. Jung.
My intention is to materialize the shadow as something beautiful and delicate, echoing
this throughout my work. In the darkness there are the answers and new opportunities,
and I want to communicate this valuable concept. The capacity of flowing inspiration
provides space for one’s own world to open up and the opportunity to confront one’s
own shadow therefore allowing freedom. “The privilege of a life is to become who you
really are.” – C.G. Jung.
This dark shadow is very present in my work, as is a resonance of light revealing
something beautiful.
One could say that this is praise to the shadow.
What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
Currently my passions are divided into three fields.
I work for a French restaurant in Berlin (MORSH) doing gastronomic photography, I must
admit that I love this area of photography and I feel very grateful to have a job in which I
The second of my passions is music,
Currently I am strongly involved in a new project called FANG, it is a kind of post metal /
progressive rock / crust / doom metal.
At the end of this month we recorded one song.
And the third, of course, is to create atmospheres through my images.
These three activities I combine with the practice of yoga. It helps me keep my feet on
the ground.
What are some of your favourite source for information?
I have many … the source of inspiration appears when I am connected, and can come
from any place, from a poetry, from a friend of a philosopher, nature …. if I am strongly
linked to the present there are innumerable sources of inspiration .
How social media influence your life?
Totally, in fact my work in the restaurant is not only to take photographs, but my role is
also as a community manager, carrying out tasks related to Instagram and Facebook.
and as for my more artistic work, it forces you to dedicate part of your time to this
medium, which I consider very important to be able to reach people. Although I must
confess that I do not dedicate the time of should

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